A comprehensive Guide on E-juices

One of the best things about being in the flavors that are used. Many vapers became interested in vaping because of the different flavors involved. When you find the right flavor that suits your taste, your vaping adventure begins. Finding just the right flavor for you is often the secret to enjoying vaping. However, it is not easy to find such flavor because there are so many options to try from. Making a decision would be hard. Well, to make the work less hectic, most flavors have been categorized under some basic profiles which would be discussed in this article. Once you understand the various categories, it would easier for you to identify the flavors you would be interested in.

  • Candy

Candy is loved by many both old and young. Many people both young and old have a sweet tooth and that is why they are interested in things such as caramel, candy, etc. The feeling they get after eating candy brings back memories from their childhood when all they cared about was how to get candy. E-juice flavors have made it easier for them to be reunited with these amazing candies. This makes vaping fun when you are nor thinking of the problems associated with too much sugar.

  • Desserts

This flavor makes it easier for you to enjoy having dessert without eating the real meal. It gives the same feeling you would get from eating dessert. Many who go into vaping begins with tobacco or some fruit flavors and would end up using sweet flavors. Some of these desert flavors are cookies, donuts, ice-cream, etc. Your favorite flavor is probably in a bottle waiting to be devoured by you. You can enjoy regularly only on rare occasions.

  • Meals

Your meal is not complete without having a drink and so manufacturers of e-juice flavors have made all your favorite drinks into flavors. Some of these popular drinks that are now in flavors are strawberry milk, coffee, etc. Other flavors are tea, cocktails, soda, whiskey, etc. Every occasion has an appropriate drink. If you want to reduce your alcohol intake or stop taking alcohol at all, then you should probably go for coffee or milky drinks which would be suitable for you. These drinks would reduce your cravings for nicotine. However, if you want alcohol flavors, you can try pit the whiskey or cocktails flavors.

  • Fruits

Most flavors have a touch of fruit in them. The most popular e-juice flavor is strawberry and watermelon. These flavors do more than just sweeten the mix, they have the characteristics that make them unique. Some of these fruits taste just like fresh fruit while others taste like candy. Other fruit flavors are apple, grape, banana, peach, mango, etc. It is harder to create some of these fruits. You would find a strawberry flavor before you find a blueberry flavor. You could also get exotic flavors such as kiwi, jackfruit, etc. There are so many combinations that you can try out.


Going through the points highlighted in this article would allow you to make the best choice. You would be able to enjoy some of the best flavors for vaping.

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