Top Don’ts When Purchasing A Chandelier

The industry of chandeliers is vastly developing into a populated segment. More consumers have shown their interest in selecting a preferred theme depending on their needs. Since there are several unique types of chandeliers, it’s essential to know how to choose one. While at it, it’s also important to know what to avoid when shopping. Yiosi Lighting shares critical insight on what to know before purchasing a chandelier.

  • Don’t Hang It Too High

A chandelier is designed to enhance the beauty of your room. You can mount it on a wall or ceiling, as earlier discussed. But, you need to be careful about how you mount it. Be observant about the height of placement. This implies that it shouldn’t be too high.  Be mindful of this when installing.

  • Don’t Be Blinded By A Specific Size

You should consider the size of your chandelier before purchasing it.  In this case, you need to take a look at the available sizes in the store. To be successful in selecting the right one for your space, consider choosing a fixture that can illuminate your rooms. A perfect rule of thumb, in this case, is picking a chandelier measuring about 1/3 of the total size of the table.  

  • Don’t Ignore Spacing.

It’s essential to consider your space before buying a chandelier. Because your furniture needs some space to complement other elements in the room, your chandelier should be of the same theme. When purchasing a chandelier, you need to note the distance between walls as well as the floor. Don’t buy a chandelier that will hang too high or too low. It’ll occupy a lot of space.  

  • Don’t Ignore Its Functionality.

In many homes, chandeliers are bought for their aesthetic purposes. Not only are they known as beautiful pieces of art but essential lighting elements. Therefore, when purchasing one, consider the size of the room, it’ll be mounted in. Also, consider taking a look at its functionality. Where you’ll be mounting it on the walls of a study room, consider making sure that the lighting is sufficient to illuminate the room.

  • Don’t Be Too Hasty When Buying.

When purchasing a chandelier, you should consider researching the types, themes, and sizes. Take a look at some of the best selling retailers in the industry too. To be successful in this, you should consider checking online reviews. This will be a guide towards choosing the right chandelier for your needs. You may also find it essential to compare different chandeliers before purchasing.


By now, you may have realized that decorating is pretty time-consuming. Maybe you’re even overlooking the fact that lighting is a vital aspect in every setting of the community. Not only can it enhance the look of a room but also help in putting different elements together.  Using a chandelier, you can achieve this. That’s why this article highlights the don’ts when purchasing a chandelier.

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